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Wishery® Tactical Target

Introducing the Wishery® Tactical Zombie Target: an adrenaline-pumping shooting target that brings the excitement of battling the undead right to your Nerf sessions! Prepare for a thrilling zombie-themed experience as you practice and hone your shooting skills with this captivating and interactive target. Get ready to face the apocalypse and unleash your foam dart fury!

Enter a world where the undead roam, and foam darts become your weapon against the zombie horde. The Wishery® Tactical Zombie Target is the ultimate training companion for foam dart enthusiasts of all ages. Set up this gripping target and immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic environment, where every shot counts.

Featuring a range of challenging targets inspired by zombies, the Wishery® Tactical Zombie Target adds an element of intensity and excitement to your foam dart practice sessions. Take aim at the menacing undead obstacles, release your foam darts, and watch as they soar through the air, ready to eliminate the approaching zombies. Sharpen your shooting skills, enhance your accuracy, and become a true foam dart survivor!

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Wishery® Tactical Zombie Target offers a durable and immersive shooting experience. Each zombie-themed obstacle is designed to withstand the impact of your foam darts, ensuring long-lasting fun. Whether you're practicing solo or competing with friends and family, this target provides hours of thrilling entertainment.

Perfect for indoor or outdoor play, the Wishery® Tactical Zombie Target is easy to set up and dismantle, allowing you to create your own zombie-infested battleground anywhere you choose. Bring the target to your backyard, set it up in a park, or transform your living room into a zombie survival zone. The portable and lightweight design ensures you can take on the undead wherever you go.

The Wishery® Tactical Zombie Target is not just a target—it's a gateway to an apocalyptic adventure and skill development. Challenge yourself, let your imagination run wild, and face the zombie threat head-on with your foam dart arsenal. Are you ready to become the ultimate foam dart survivor? Unleash your skills, aim true, and conquer the zombie apocalypse with the Wishery® Tactical Zombie Target!

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What's Included?

  • 1x Tactical Target

  • 1x Space Blaster

  • 4x Outdoor Stakes

  • 20x Soft-Tip Darts

  • 1x Dart Wristband


EXPLORE The Tactical Target

Easy to Score System

With numbered target holes, you can keep track of your points and compete with friends for the ultimate challenge or simply practice your precision.

High-Quality Mesh Backing

High-quality mesh backing for effortless dart collection. Say goodbye to dart retrieval struggles as the mesh backing allows darts to make cleanup a breeze!

Six-Different Shooting Points

Equipped with six distinct shooting points for endless fun! Challenge your aim and precision as you test your skills on each numbered shooting point. 

Foldable Design

 Its foldable design allows for easy setup and storage. Simply unfold, and enjoy hours of target practice or competitive challenges. When you're done, fold it back up for compact storage and take the fun wherever you roam.



Can I use any type of darts with the target?

Yes, our Tactical Target is designed to work with any soft foam dart. Whether you have standard Elite darts, Mega darts, or other compatible foam darts, they can all be used with the target for a fun and engaging shooting experience.

Is it normal if the headset gets warm during use?

It is normal for the headset to feel warm to the touch while in use.

If your headset feels uncomfortably warm, unplug the headset and let it cool down on a flat surface with the vents on top of the headset facing up.

How large is the target when unfolded and set up?

12.99 x 15.75 x 1.18 inches

Can I use the target outside?

Absolutely! The Tactical Target is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. For outdoor use, the target even comes with stakes that allow you to securely anchor it to the ground, ensuring stability during your shooting sessions. So, whether you prefer the great outdoors or an indoor setup, the target is versatile enough to accommodate your shooting preferences.

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