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Wishery® Tactical Vest Kit
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Introducing the Wishery® Tactical Vest Kit – the ultimate companion for game enthusiasts seeking unmatched performance and tactical advantage on the battlefield. This carefully designed vest kit is a game-changer, delivering a host of features that will elevate your experience to new heights.

Equipped with enhanced ammo storage capabilities, the Wishery® Tactical Vest Kit ensures you never run out of firepower during intense battles. Its strategically placed pockets and loops provide ample space to carry a substantial quantity of darts, keeping you fully stocked and ready for action at all times. No more interruptions to reload or scurry for extra darts – dominate the field with an endless supply of ammunition right at your fingertips.

Organization becomes effortless with the dedicated compartments and loops of the vest kit. Say goodbye to cluttered blaster collections and disorganized accessories. This kit's design enables you to neatly arrange your gear, ensuring quick and intuitive access to your darts, blasters, and essential items during gameplay. Stay focused, stay prepared, and maintain the upper hand on the battlefield.

Versatility is the key to success, and the Wishery® Tactical Vest Kit delivers. With adjustable straps and modular attachments, you can easily customize your loadout to match your playstyle and adapt to various game scenarios. Tailor your gear configuration, effortlessly switch out components, and optimize your performance for every battle. This kit empowers you to be agile, versatile, and always ready for whatever challenges lie ahead.

Durability and protection are paramount in the heat of warfare, and the Wishery® Tactical Vest Kit rises to the occasion. Crafted from high-quality materials, this vest offers reliable defense against incoming foam darts while ensuring long-lasting durability for countless battles. Play with confidence, knowing you have a reliable shield to withstand the rigors of intense combat.

Experience seamless gameplay transitions and rapid reloading with the strategically placed pockets, loops, and holsters of the vest kit. Each element is meticulously designed to facilitate quick and easy access to your equipment, empowering you to react swiftly and maintain the advantage. Don't let fumbling for darts or blasters slow you down – keep the momentum going and outmaneuver your opponents effortlessly.

Comfort and ergonomics are not overlooked in the Wishery® Tactical Vest Kit. The adjustable straps ensure a secure and customized fit, accommodating players of various sizes and body types. Move with ease, unrestricted by discomfort, and maintain peak performance throughout extended play sessions. This kit is designed to prioritize your comfort, allowing you to focus solely on conquering the battlefield.

Upgrade your arsenal with the Wishery® Tactical Vest Kit and unleash your full potential. Take command of every battle, stay stocked with ammunition, and dominate the competition with a level of tactical superiority like never before. Prepare to revolutionize your experience and leave your opponents in awe as you rise to the top with unrivaled gear by your side.

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What's Included?

  • 1x Tactical Vest

  • 20x Soft-Tip Darts

  • 1x High-Capacity Bandolier

  • 1x 6-Dart Clip

  • 1x Safety Eyewear


Explore Our tactical vest

Breathable Material

The Wishery® Tactical Vest Kit features a high-quality breathable mesh material, ensuring optimal airflow and comfort during intense battles.

Dart Holder

The Wishery® Tactical Vest Kit is equipped with convenient built-in dart holders, strategically placed to provide quick and easy access to your ammunition

Mesh Storage System

The Wishery® Tactical Vest Kit also includes a mesh storage pocket, providing a convenient and secure spot to store extra accessories or small items during your missions.

Dart Clip Straps

The Wishery® Tactical Vest Kit features built-in straps designed to securely hold dart clips, keeping your additional ammunition easily accessible and within reach for uninterrupted action.

Run Faster.

With the included bandolier in the Wishery® Tactical Vest Kit, you can accelerate your mobility on the battlefield, allowing you to run faster and maneuver swiftly to outmaneuver opponents while keeping your extra darts readily available.

Stop Running Out.

With its multiple dart-carrying spots, the Wishery® Tactical Vest Kit ensures you never run out of ammunition mid-battle, providing ample space to carry extra darts and keep you fully armed and ready to engage in intense Nerf combat until victory is secured.

Safety Comes First.

The included safety glasses in the Wishery® Tactical Vest Kit are designed to prioritize your eye protection during intense battles, shielding your eyes from potential dart impacts or other hazards, allowing you to fully enjoy the excitement of the game while keeping your vision safe and secure.



What's included in the Tactical vest kit?


1x Tactical Vest

10x Soft-Tip Blue Darts

10x Soft-Tip Green Darts

1x High-Capacity Bandolier

1x Safety Eyewear

1x 6-Dart Clip

Is the vest adjustable to fit different body sizes?

Yes, our Tactical Vest Kit is designed to be adjustable and can fit different body sizes. It utilizes Velcro straps to allow for easy customization and resizing. This feature ensures that users of various ages and body types can comfortably wear the vest and have a secure fit during battles.

Is the vest comfortable to wear for extended periods of time?

The Tactical Vest Kit is designed to be compatible with any Nerf®

 N-Strike® Blaster. 

Can I store additional tactical gear, like walkie-talkies or small blasters, in the vest?

Yes, the Tactical Vest Kit includes an extra mesh pocket that can be used to store additional tactical gear. This pocket provides a convenient and secure storage space for items such as walkie-talkies, small blasters, extra darts, or other accessories you may want to carry during your battles. The mesh material helps to keep the items in place while allowing for easy visibility and accessibility when needed.

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